Charge your LiA Pass

Once you have your LiA Pass, you can load fares corresponding to:

  • your LiA Pass (anonymous or personal),
  • the personal circumstances you declared when creating your LiA Pass.

You can load 4 different fares on your LiA Pass (e.g. a monthly pass and 10 1-hour fares).

Note: if you have multiple fares on your LiA Pass, when validating, any passes will be automatically validated before any individual fares. For more information, ask at a LiA agency.

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Transportation fares can be loaded:

Loading your Atoumod' card

Recharge your Atoumod' card with a LiA fare:

  • at the LiA agency ""La Station"",
  • at an AFM,
  • in the coaches of intercity lines 20, 23 and 24.
  • To be entitled to a LiA reduced fare you must, one time only, present your Atoumod' card and the entitlement document corresponding to your personal situation (which was provided to you by your town hall or CCAS) to the LiA agency ""La Station""

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You can recharge your Atoumod' card with a fare for the Department of Seine-Maritime*

* for the creation, renewal or recharging of school transportation fares for the department of Seine Maritime, the request must be made to Conseil Général 76"