To load a fare and use the LiA network, you must have one of the following cards:


The LiA Pass

With your LiA Pass, you can use all of the services of the LiA network as well as the SNCF LER line, provided that it is loaded with a fare.

Nominative Features Anonymous Features
  • Price : Free
  • Validity : 8 years
  • Duplicate : 10€
  • Personal and personalized
  • Safe: in case loss or theft, the duplicate allows recover your remaining titles
  • Price : 5€
  • No duplicates possible
  • Can be lent
  • Neither exchanged, neither refunded, in case of loss, flight or dysfonctionnement

The Atoumod' card

  • can be loaded with LiA fares¹ (at the La Station agency and AFMs) as well as all fares for the Norman bus lines on the territories of Seine Maritime, Eure and Calvados (Twisto and Bus Vert networks as of November 2018).
  • Security: in the event of loss or theft, a duplicate can enable you to recover your remaining fares.

¹excluding yearly passes with direct debit. 

Nominative Déclarative Anonyme
  • Price : Free
  • Validity : 7 years
  • Duplicate : 10€
  • Price : 5€
  • Validity : 7 years
  • Duplicate² : 5€
  • Price : 5€
  • Validity : 7 years
  • Duplicate² : 5€

²The recovery of a personal or anonymous card is only possible if the user provides the number of the lost card and presents the sales receipt issued when the card was created.
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The Contactless Ticket

  • Rechargeable 4 times with the same fare as was originally loaded
  • Validity: 24 months (see date marked on card)
  • Neither exchangeable nor reimburseable if expired, lost, stolen or faulty.