The Contactless Ticket

The Contactless Ticket can be purchased pre-loaded from bus drivers, at LiA Agencies or AFMs.

Personal LiA Pass

The Personal LiA Pass is free. It can be loaded with any of the fares in the fare range that applies to the personal circumstances you have declared. To create your personal LiA Pass, you must complete the following steps:

  • fill out the personal LiA Pass request form available in LiA Agencies or by directly downloading the form.
  • Attach a copy of your ID (identity card or passport) as well as a recent photograph.
  • for special fares: an entitlement document is requested. It is issued by the town hall or community social action centre based on your personal situation. For more details, view our entitlements and supporting documents section

The personal LiA Pass request form must then be:

  • sent by mail to: Transdev Le Havre-LiA Service Marketing BP 20018 - 76930 Octeville-sur-Mer (expect a 10-day delay starting from our receipt of the LiA Pass request, provided that the application is complete),
  • or submitted directly at a LiA Agency (the LiA Pass will be immediately given out, provided that the application is complete).

Anonymous LiA Pass

The anonymous LiA Pass does not require any supporting documents. It can be loaded with the non-personal fares in the fare range. It is delivered immediately.

Valid for 8 years, it is sold for €5.00 (price as of April 1st, 2016):

The Atoumod' card

 The Atoumod' Card can only be created or renewed at the LiA agency "La Station" near the station:

  • created for free* (provide a photograph and any supporting documentation for entitlement to a reduced fare, and present an ID),
  • a duplicate* (€10) that retains any valid fares loaded onto your original card. (photo ID required)

Download the form.

* for the creation, duplication or recharging of school transportation fares for the department of Seine Maritime, the request must be made to Conseil Général 76.