To travel on the LiA network, you must validate your fare each time you board a vehicle (except for fares purchased by text message). Validation is mandatory for transfers; if they take place within the hour, no new fares will be validated.

Discover how to validate by watching

Children under 4 can travel for free if they are accompanied by an adult with a fare. Please note: children 4 years and up must have a fare to travel.

Profile updates are the responsibility of the client, who must visit a LiA agency. In addition, if your age category or situation changes, please inform us by visiting a LiA agency.

You are travelling unlawfully if:

  • your fare has not been validated,
  • your fare is no longer valid (time limit exceeded), 
  • you cannot show your fare (loss, theft, forgetfulness).

We would like to remind you that LiA is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to your fares.


The usual fines

Class 3 infractions (missing fare or validation)

  • Payment to the ticket checker        €30.00                
  • Within 24 hours                              €45.00
  • Within 30 days                                €60.00
  • At a later date                                 €90.00
Class 4 infractions (improper behaviour) 
  • Within 30 days                                €150.00
  • At a later date                                 €180.00
Fare not validated after a transfer
  • €6.00
Personal pass indulgence upon presentation of the pass within 10 days 
  • €6.00*

*On the condition that the pass was purchased before the fine was given (maximum twice yearly). Visit the Fine collection department at La Station.

After 2 months, your file will be sent to the public treasury, with additional fees applied.

Fines awarded by the SNCF are managed by the SNCF, and the fines mentioned above do not apply.

To obtain information on your fine, you can contact our Fine Collection Department between Monday and Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.:

  • at the LiA agency La Station, 1 cours La Fayette (in front of the train station),
  • To reach it, disembark at the "Gares" stop served by trams A and B and bus lines 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 13, 15, 18, 19, 21 and 22.
  • By phone at: 02 35 22 34 27.

You can pay your fine:

  • to the ticket checker at the time of the infraction. This on the spot payment implies acceptance of the transaction,
  • to the fine collection department. Outside of this service's opening hours, you can place your payment in one of the two mailboxes available for this purpose: in the lobby of the La Station agency or in front of the bus terminal (behind the agency).
  • by mail: TRANSDEV LE HAVRE LiA - Marketing Department BP 20018 - 76930 Octeville-sur-Mer. If paying by cheque, please make it out to Transdev Le Havre.
  • online in the E-Boutique: Pay your fine