I would like to know the balance of my LiA Pass:


  • a validator (your balance will be indicated when you validate),
  • our home page, in the 'My Account' section after you link your LiA Pass,
  • click on ""view balance"" an AFM: place your LiA Pass on the reader and click on ""Card info,
  • at a LiA agency,
  • at a partner store.

I want to cancel my annual pass, what should I do?

  • The terms are indicated on the back of the contract (Article IV.1) and are different if the pass is paid by direct debit or in cash.
  • Send, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, a letter explaining why you wish to cancel your pass with supporting documentation to the following address: Transports LiA, Marketing Department, BP 20018, 76930 OCTEVILLE SUR MER. Please note: earning a driver's license is not an acceptable reason to cancel.

My LiA Pass is broken, what should I do?

  • Visit the LiA agency La Boutique, Hôtel de Ville sector, 9 rue René Coty, equipped with your broken LiA Pass, a piece of ID and €10 (duplication fee). Your currently valid fares will be recovered.

My child will turn 4 this month, and he has no ID. Can I create a personal LiA Pass?

  • Visit our LiA agency La Boutique, Hôtel de Ville sector, 9 rue René Coty, equipped with your family record book and a photo ID.

 Individual fares I loaded onto my Pass do not appear when I validate my card. I paid for them and I have my receipt?

  • Individual fares are not added to the fares remaining on your LiA Pass. Once your balance reaches zero, the ten fares will appear. Consult your fare balance:
    • at a LiA agency,
    • at one of our partner stores,
    • at an AFM at a tram station,
    • or in the "My Account" section of our home page (if you have one). 

I have a yearly pass with direct debit, and I just changed banks. What should I do?

  • Visit one of our agencies (La Boutique, Hôtel de Ville sector, or La Station, Gares sector) with your new bank details.