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The LiA network of the urban Community Le Havre Seine Metropole serves the 54 municipalities and offers multimodal transportation options.


  • 2 tram lines, A and B
  • 21 bus lines: 1 to 14, 16, 17 and 22.
  • Additional lines: 30, 31, 40, 41, 50, 60, 70, 71, 80, 90, 91 and 100
  • The funicular
  • The on-demand transportation service: FiLBus
  • The transportation service for persons with reduced mobility:  MobiFil
  • The year-round, on-demand night service: LiA de Nuit
  • The innovative service for the Port and Industrial Area:  FlexiLiA
  • The train line with an urban pricing scheme, operated by the SNCF:  the LER
  • The bicycle rental service: LiAvélos
  • 2 park and ride stations (P+R)
  • 12 bicycle parking facilities  (P+V)


During major events, the urban Community Le Havre Seine Metropole provides free shuttles. You can find detailed information on this transportation offering (schedules and routes) in the Network Info and News section of the site


Good to know :  

LiA is the name of the public transportation network of the urban Community.
Operation of the LiA network is entrusted to Transdev Le Havre, a subsidiary of the Transdev group, which is headquartered at 31 route de la Chênaie in Octeville-sur-Mer.

More information: 2021 activity report



The urban Community, an authority in charge of mobility services

The organisation of mobility services is one of the urban Community's areas of competency. It plans and implements:

  • The transportation services of the LiA network and their fare structure
  • The transportation services of the LER in agreement with the Normandy Region
  • School transportation in complement to the LiA network,
  • The territory's bike path network.

The urban Community is currently composed of 54 municipalities.


A voluntary certification process

The LiA network is committed to voluntary certification processes in Quality, Safety and Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility.