Bien voyager : Practical tips for traveling with confidence

You must comply with the current regulations.


Transport ticket

To be in good standingyou must have a ticket valid and validated (each mounted including correspondence) and present it in control.

If you do not have the ticket before boarding, you can buy one:

The boarding ofvehicles
You are strictly not permitted to smoke or to vap inside the vehicles.Pictogramme Interdiction de fumer

By tramway:

  • no need to give a shout to the bus driver in order to make him stop. Indeed, the tramway serves every stop.
  • at the stop of the train, the buttons on the doors light up; push them in order to open the doors.
  • The boarding can be operated only by double tramway doors. Disembarking can be operated by every door. it is recommended to let the passengers get out before boarding.
  • attention to the self-closing doors, signaled by a beep.

By bus:

  • in order to board the bus, give a wave to the bus driver to make him stop. Indeed, the bus drivers are not bound to stop at every bus stop because it is optional. 
  • in order to disembark from the bus, press the stop button, situated near the bus doors, early enough before the bus stop.
  • the disembarking from the bus must be operated by the back doors or by the central doors (automatic closing system).
  • For safety reasons, it's forbidden to stay close to the driver. Yellow markings on the floor indicate you the safety limit.

On board 



Cycles are:

  • Pictogramme Véloallowed in the funicular 
  • forbidden in the bus 
  • allowed in the tramway at these times: from Monday to Friday before 7:00 am, from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, after 6:30 pm. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, all day long. In case of overcrowding, cyclists are requested to give room to other customers. Spaces are reserved for storage of bicycles, which must be held by hand: they are accessible only through the double doorsFolding bikes are accepted at any time, provided they are folded and held by hand.



  • Pictogramme Poussettethe access with a pushchair is only operated by the bus back doors or by the bus central doors, and by the double tramway doors. Spaces are reserved for people with strollers, which must be held by hand (access by Only double doors.
  • they have to be stored in the appropriate place, in order not to impair the other travellers' movements. In the minibus, the pushchairs have to be folded.


Pictogramme ChienFor your safety, pets are forbidden in every LiA's network vehicles, except: guide dogs for blind and disabbled people, small dogs and cats in a carrier, dog handler with a dog if they are in possession of a card delivered by LiA.