Nos partenariats : With the institutions


  • With the City of Le Havre, the towns of Harfleur, Gonfreville-l'Orcher and Montivilliers: CLS (« Contrat Local de Sécurité » = Local Security Contract): LiA participates in the weekly watch unit of Le Havre, in the watch units of Harfleur, Gonfreville-l'Orcher and Montivilliers, and at last, in the intercommunity units.

  • With the legal institutions:

- PJJ (« Protection Judiciaire de la Jeunesse » = legal protection for youth and minors):
LiA participates in the education to citizenship training sessions.
- CEH (« Centre Educatif Havrais » = educational centre of Le Havre):
penal compensation measures are set up in LiA.
- SPIP (« Service Pénitentiaire d'Insertion et de Probation » = penitentiary integration and probation department): works in the community service are set up in LiA.
- AVRE 76 (« Aide aux Victimes et Médiation pénale » = victims support and mediation in criminal cases): participation in the board of directors.

Furthermore, a court-connected mediation service has been created between Le Havre prosecutor's office and LiA, in order to put a "repair contract" into practice.