Qui sommes-nous ? : An approach of voluntarist certification

Everyday Actions to preserve the Environment


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We aim to avoid pollution including oil spills or emissions of CO2 generated by our business. We also follow all our waste and especially make sure the tree tri.Image


Some examples of actions:

  • setting up channels for glass recycling in order to increase the rate of recovery of our waste


  • awareness of our personnel in responsible (decrease diesel consumption)


  • reduction of paper printouts

Staff awareness as to the quality environmental approach as the requirements and the rights and duties of everyone to work safely, involving our suppliers and service providers







Since December 2013 the LiA network holds the ISO 14001 standard for the management system of
environmental risks. 






Our Quality commitments


For you to benefit from an increasingly reliable and friendly service, LiA agrees on 6 basic points: 

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  • accurate information: information (schedules, directions, maps) and single day in all vehicles and breakpoints LiA network
  • vehicles that leave on time ...: over 92% of one-off vehicles from each line (not starting early, less than 2 minutes late) outside disturbance due to external causes in LiA
  • and arriving on time: more than 82% of one-off vehicles at various stops of the network (less than 1 minute ahead, less than 3 minutes late) outside disturbance due to external causes in LiA
  • an accessible network: over 98% of cases, the vehicles are positioned to allow access to all travelers, including those whose mobility is reduced when the infrastructure permits
  • clean vehicles: cleaned daily, the LiA vehicles are perfectly clean in 90% of cases (internal and external cleanliness)
  • a reactive network and you: for a quality relationship, LiA agrees to answer all your requests and comments within 10 days





Our certifications

NF service certification



From 2014, LiA has engaged in a NF Service certification.
This quality label is awarded by an independent body, AFNOR Certification on compliance with numerous quality standards.


Logo NF serviceDecember 2014: certification of our service of transport dedicated to people with reduced mobility Mobi' Fil

December 2015: certification of lines A and B of the streetcar.



LiA met 13 criterions on the nine required ones:

  • information on service offering,
  • permanent information at stops,
  • permanent information in the streetcar,
  • punctuality,
  • claim management, 
  • loading rate,
  • clean condition, 
  • equipement availability,
  • ride comfort.


The FACE Label, label awarded by Transdev 

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The Transdev Group has created its own label to its activity, compatible with ISO and NF standards, the requirements relate to the organization and the realization of the service. This certification process is validated by Bureau Veritas certfication.

This label is available in three levels of requirements:

F for the Fundamentals level: the fundamentals are the guarantors of compliance with regulatory requirements and contractual commitments
AC for Continuous Improvement: it guarantees the action plans of deployment
E for Excellence: it allows to distinguish themselves through indicators




 The label concerns FACE 2 categories:


QSE - Quality, Safety and Environment:
These are three totally interwoven themes and complementary.
November 2015: obtaining the second level of this label (Continuous Improvement)
CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility:
This is to identify all the company's impact on society.
May 2016: obtaining the first level of this label