Aide et accessibilité : Routes

Here are the instructions for using itinerary search. Particularly interactive, itinerary search allows you to :

  • change your search criteria
  • view alternative trip options
  • change your start and end points on the map and obtain a new result immeditely

Departure and arrival

Use the input field or click on the interactive map to indicate the place of departure and arrival.


Specify the date and time required for your trip.



If you are registered in the member zone you can use your favorite places to designate your departure or arrival location: go to the tab My Favorites.

Define your preferences

The preference tab enables you to define the requirements for your trip.

  • The fastest
  • The fewest changes


LiA searches for public transport solutions as a priority. But this is not always possible. In this case, other transport modes are suggested as a complement :

  • free bike service trips
  • personal bike trips (with secure parking if required)
  • carpooling

 Transport mode

To retain your complementary transport modes from one search to another, press the button Save my settings. This option requires that you be registered in the member area.


 Calculation method with complementary modes



If carpool or free bike service solutions exist, they will be presented along with the public transport solution.

If there is no public transport solution, LiA first seeks solutions combined with complementary modes. Only after this does it seek solutions entirely with the complementary mode.

Viewing results

All travel solutions found are presented in summary form in an interactive area to the left of the interactive map. By default, the roadmap of the first solution found is displayed.


Each travel solution displays as a button, consisting of :

  • transport modes to take,
  • travel time,
  • ltime of departure and arrival, and the number of changes

 Viewing results

The roadmap displays on clicking the button. To access the trip on a map, click the button :

Map route

Reading the roadmap

The roadmap presents the detailed steps of the journey. Clicking on the link Map takes you directly to the relevant step on the interactive map.

Locating yourself within a step

After clicking on the link Map in the roadmap, activate the function streetview of the map

Drag the figure to the area by sliding the cursor, then release the mouse button.

The view moves to streetview mode allowing you to identify the location before leaving.

Full screen mode - How to enter and quit this display mode

To go to  full screen mode click the button designed for the reason.

To return to the site click the button "Normal mode".

Print... Download... Share

Illustration outils

Print: enables you to access  advanced print  version. This page enables you to add notes and choose to print the roadmap and map.

Download the page: retrieve the PDF version of the trip (note that the map is not included on this page)


Share: send the itinerary search to social networks (facebook, twitter...) or by email.